Friedrich Grußendorf

A reviewer of a Lohengrin performance in 1875 in Kiel wrote
Mr. Grußendorf introduced himself nicely with a soft and deeply felt Nun sei bedankt mein lieber Schwann. He knew how to keep the public's positive opinion until the end. However it seems to us that in the third act Im fernem Land he saved himself in oder to be more brilliant in the finale.
Grußendorf had good reasons to sing that way: he just stepped him for the announced Rudolf Engelhardt. It was just such a short notice that his name was not even spelled right in the program. He also had started singing Lohengrin a few months back in Danzig. Grußendorf was already well known as Helden and Spieltenor when he arrived in 1879 in Freiburg to sing in the local premiere of Rienzi on 18 March 1880. In 1881 he was back in Danzig, went in 1883 to Zürich, then in 1884 to Neustrelitz's Hoftheater. After an Heldentenor's career of 17 years he retired in 1892 in Trier.
Reference: Einhard Luther, So viel der Helden, Biographie eines stimmfaches Teil 3, Wagnertenöre der Kaiserzeit, (1871-1918)

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