Leopold Carl Landau

Picture of Leopold Carl Landau

Lilli Lehmann had a better memory of one of her mother's student Landau. Landau was born in Varanno on June 21 1841. He studied also in Leipzig with Franz Götze, Heldentenor during the Weimar Liszt Era. Landau made his debut in 1870 in Leipzig. He moved to Mainz in 1871 as Helden and Spieltenor. There he was the first Stolzing on February 5 1873. He sang Wagner roles in Straßburg and Köln. He made his debut in Hamburg on September 5, 1877 as Tamino, followed by Amalviva on September 15th. Finally he moved to Hamburg 1877 as Lyric tenor. He died suddenly in the morning before a rehearsal of Rienzi on May 9 1894 in Hamburg. The Sunday before his death (May 6), Landau was singing as the leader of the Rataplan Huguenots chorus and produced a superb high C. On Monday, Landau sang from Joseph Gott, wie, so weise führst du die Deinen.
Reference: Einhard Luther, So viel der Helden, Biographie eines stimmfaches Teil 3, Wagnertenöre der Kaiserzeit, (1871-1918)

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