Victor Verteneuil

1895 (La Bouverie)-1973 (Bruxelles)

Picture of Victor Verteneuil as Siegfried
Victor Verteneuil as Siegfried

Picture of Verteneuil

Verteneuil studied at the Mons Conservatory with Tondeur (1912-14 as baritone) and Houx (1921-22 as tenor). He took singing lessons with Melchissedec.
Victor Verteneuil sings Paillasse: Me grimer
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Hérodiade-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Fierabras-Brussels, Monnaie, 14 January 1926
Samson et Dalila-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Turandot-Brussels, Monnaie, 12 July 1926
Le Prophète-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Salamnbô-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
L'anneau nuptial-Brussels, Monnaie, 3 March 1928
Aida-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Salome-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
La Walkyrie-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Debora et Jaele-Brussels, Monnaie, 23 March 1929
Siegfried-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Tannhäuser-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Carmen-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Ariane à Naxos--Brussels, Monnaie, 17 March 30
Tosca-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Paillasse-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Boris Godounov-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Cavalleria rusticana-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Le Trouvère-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
Le Crépuscule des dieux-Brussels, Monnaie, 1925-30
L'Africaine-Toulouse, Capitole 1931
Sigurd-Toulouse, Capitole 1931
Lohengrin-Toulouse, Capitole 1931
Tiefland-Brussels, Monnaie, 10 March 1931
Henri VIII-Brussels, Monnaie, 14 October 1935
Quo Vadis-Brussels, Monnaie, 1936
Kaatje (act 4)-Brussels, Monnaie, 1937


Disques Ultraphone
AP 384 Cavalleria Rusticana:Sicilienne
            Tosca Si pour de beaux Yeux (Léon Colmant(Baritone)
AP 385 Paillasse me grimer
           L'africaine Air de Vasco
The same recodings were issued on the lable Samaritaine

I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the discography.
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording.
Reference: Les Grandes Voix du Hainaut, à l'Epoque du 78 tours., Belgium, 1985.
Richard T. Soper: Belgian Opera Houses and Singers, The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1999.

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