Erich Majkut


Erich Majkut, born Feb. 3rd, 1907, in Vienna. First a member of the choir of the Wiener Staatsoper, only from 1945 a soloist. For more than 30 more years, he sang small parts, not only at the Wiener Staatsoper but also at the Salzburg and Bayreuth festivals.

Picture of Eric Majkut Program
First page of Daniel Godor's vocal score of Schmidt's Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Majkut sang a performance of this oratory in Graz during December 1958 with Patzak, Kobeck, Coertze and Wiener under Lippe, and again in Strasbourg during June 1963 with Patzak, Wiener, Steffek and Toepper, again under Anton Lippe. This frontpage has autographs of Majkut (below, left), Hanny Steffek (above), unknown (first name seems to be Ruth - I do not think it is Otto Wiener Identified as Anton Lippe's signature by Robert Schlesinger), Patzak (middle, right) and Malaniuk, but she was not part of these performances. I assume that the previous owner of the score was a member of the Domchor in Graz (the score was bought in Graz) and that that choir also had performances of Schmidt's oratory together with Malaniuk. I assume the autographes are from the Strasbourg performance. Strange, but Majkut and Malaniuk had a very similar handwriting.
Picture of a perfomance of  Schmidt's Buch mit sieben Siegeln with Majkut
A picture of the Strasbourg performance. The singer standing might be Patzak. The picture is from the newspaper LE NOUVEL ALSACIEN from June 8 1963.
Erich Majkut sings Die Zauberflöte: Bewahret euch vor Weibertücken , with Harald Pröglhoff
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I wish to thank Daniele Godor for a copy of the autographs, and performance clipping.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording, and notes.

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