Giuseppe Nessi

Picture of Giuseppe Nessi

Picture of Giuseppe Nessi in Palla De' Mozzi
Giuseppe Nessi in Palla De' Mozzi
Giuseppe Nessi. Born Sept. 25th, 1887, Bergamo; died Dec. 16th, 1961, Milan. He made his debut 1910 in Saluzzo as Alfredo. On advice by Tullio Serafin, he specialized in comprimario parts, which made him famous. A Scala mainstay from 1921 to 1959 (!), he participated in the Turandot and Nerone world premieres. As a guest, he sang his repertory at the Salzburg and Verona festivals, at the Teatro Colˇn, the Vienna Staatsoper, and often at Covent Garden. Few leading tenors have left such an excellent recorded legacy as Giuseppe Nessi. The Turandot excerpt is a three-creators record. Of the two tenors, Nessi is the one with the smooth lyrical voice (the first of the two to join in after baritone Baracchi's initial bars), Venturini the one with the dark, almost dramatic tenor. They were the two greatest comprimarii in the history of La Scala, and two of the greatest comprimarii ever.
Giuseppe Nessi sings Turandot: OlÓ Pang! OlÓ Pong!l, with Emilio Venturini and Aristide Baracchi
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Giuseppe Nessi sings La Forza del Destino: A buon mercato
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I would like to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings (Turandot, Forza) and notes.

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