Vittorio Pandano

Picture of Pandano

Picture of Vittorio Pandano with Vinay and Taddei
Vittorio Pandano with Vinay and Taddei, in 1950 (Trieste).

Picture of Vittorio Pandano as Abate
Vittorio Pandano as Abate
Vittorio Pandano (born in Ravenna in 1919) and is still in good health and spirit. Vittorio Pandano started as a comprimario. He studied with Amedeo Bassi and further on with Emilio Ghirardini, the first teacher of Gianni Poggi. He made his debut in 1943 in Firenze as Cassio with Pertile and Stabile. After this start, he sang primo tenore roles for 6-7 years (Alfredo, Pinkerton, Rodolfo-also with Bastianini as Colline !- Cavaradossi-replacing Malipiero...). He was very appreciated. In the early 50s, Carlo Tagliabue recommended him to switch to ruoli di fianco where his musical and acting skills could have been better enhanced (without mentioning that at that time, competitors, for a tenor with a relatively small voice, were a quite tough business...). He followed this recommendation and he became one of the most requested comprimario tenors of his age. Particularly, he was one of the favourite singers of the great conductor Oliviero De Fabritiis. He retired on 1976, singing Malatestino. Pandano has a repertoire of all the major comprimario roles (included Shuisky and the simpleton in Boris or rare operas like Cagliostro-by Pizzetti or Wozzeck, that Pandano sang at the italian première with Gobbi and Mitropolous). He has been considered a specialist of Goro and Dr. Cajus.
Paolo Cavassini
Vittorio Pandano sings : Scena di Caius-Falstaff, with Titto Gobbi
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Vittorio Pandano sings Tosca: Scena di Spoletta Atto II, with Ferruccio Tagliavini and Giangiacomo Guelfi
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I would like to thank Paolo Cavassini for the recordings.
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