Andrei Alexandrovich Sokolov


Picture of Andrei Sokolov
Picture of Andrei Sokolov as Anatol Kuragin
Anatol Kuragin
Sokolov finished in 1953 the Ural conservatory after studying wiht F. I. Obraztsovskova. During 1953-83, Sokolov was a soloist at the Bolshoi.

His repertory included: Triquet, Vodemon, Likov, Finn, Gvidon, Biryuch (Snegurochka), Indian guest, Pinkerton, Alfredo, Shuisky, Barclay de Tolly, Anatol Kuragin, ...

Sokolov left the Bolshoi due to a nervous disease. He seemed to have evolved from main roles to comprimario roles.
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Andrei Alexandrovich Sokolov sings Boris Godunov Vyeliky Gosudar, with Alexandr Ognitsev

Andrei Alexandrovich Sokolov sings Domoï Domoï
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Andrei Alexandrovich Sokolov sings Festivalnaja pesenka, with Yevgeny Kibkalo
Picture of Yevgeny Kibkalo
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I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording (Festivalnaja pesenka).

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