Nikolai Pavlovich Zakharov

1912 - ?
Zakharov graduated from the Moscow Opera studio in 1949.

First Zakharov was a soloist of the Russian Song of the all-Union Radio choir.

Then, Zakharov became a soloist at the Moscow Philaharmonic.

Later, he became soloist at the Opera in Saratov then soloist at the Opera in Odessa.

Finally he was soloist at the Bolshoi during 1952-1955 and again during 1957-1972.

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Украденный Игором
Nikolai Pavlovich Zakharov sings Boris Godunov: Lyud Khristiansky, with Alekseï Gelyeva, Veronika Borisenko and Vladimir Ivanovsky

Nikolai Pavlovich Zakharov sings Don Carlo: Il grande Inquisitor, as Lerma with Ivan Petrov and Vladimir Yaroslavtsev in Russian
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