Heinz Zednik


Picture of  Heinz Zednik

Heinz Zednik, born Feb. 21st, 1940, in Vienna. Debut 1964 in Graz; a member of the Wiener Staatsoper from late 1964 to this day (2007), though his performances have become rare in the last years. He has always been a comprimario, and for decades the Staatsoper's first and foremost comprimario. While his many Italian and French roles were, at least for me, strenuous listening to, he was a really important, excellent Mime (regularly at the Bayreuth festival), and good also in the Slavic repertoire (Katja Kabanova for example, or Khovanshchina). Highly thought-of actor, too, which I for one did never understand. Ventured occasionally into roles like Loge, with very unsatisfying results.

Heinz Zednik sings Fidelio: Mir ist so wunderbar , with Gunilla Wallen, Patricia Wise and Matti Salminen
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I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording, picture and notes.

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