Rubén Amoretti

Picture of Rubén Amoretti
Source: Operissimo

Rubén Amoretti sings Pagliacci: O Colombina
In RA Format
I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the recording.
Robert Schlesinger points out the following about Rubén Amoretti:
He is a quite decent bass, also singing baritone sometimes. His roles include Sarastro in the provinces, or Monterone in larger theatres:


He restudied as a bass-baritone after his tenor efforts don't seem to have been very successful. Look here for his biography, but you have to search for his name on that link. Interestingly, his bass biographies don't mention the "unimportant" fact that he was a tenor then!!! I guess he's simply ashamed of how he sang as a tenor, and justly so. Listen to his bass-baritone recordings, they're perfectly acceptable, so I guess he now knows just HOW bad he was as a tenor. The Lausanne's opera has some information on him.

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