Peter Seiffert

Peter Seiffert sings Otello: Esultate

Peter Seiffert sings Otello: Si pel ciel , with Franco Vassallo

Peter Seiffert sings Otello: Nium mi tema

Peter Seiffert sings Cavalleria rusticana: No no Turridu , with Gyöngyi Lukács
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Peter Seiffert sings Cavalleria rusticana: Mamma quel vino , with Daniela Denschlag
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(Refer to for a review of the Cavalleria perfomance)

Peter Seiffert sings Ingemisco
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Peter Seiffert - born Jan. 4th, 1954 Düsseldorf. Originally a Mozart singer with a somewhat squawking voice, he then became one of the finest lyrical tenors of his generation (he was married to Lucia Popp, who worked on his voice with him). He is an unfortunate example for a singer ruining his vocal gifts by constantly singing too heavy roles: first, he ventured into Lohengrin, and the result was not only excellent, it was astonishing. I'm sure I'll never again hear such a great Lohengrin. He sang it in a pure lyrical tone, singing over the Wagnerian orchestra with sheer means of vocal technique, without pushing a single note, and yet shining and brillant. Of course, this Lohengrin should have remained a rare exception; it was clear for everybody that he was NOT a Wagner tenor, just a tenor who could perform a miraculous Lohengrin, provided that he'd do it just once in a time. Well, it was clear for everybody except for himself. After his enormous Lohengrin success, he continued singing ONLY heavy parts, Siegmund, Stolzing, Florestan, Erik... His next Lohengrin just three or so years later showed already alarming signs of strain, and soon after, the voice was a wreck. A few years after Lucia Popp's premature death, he married another soprano, Petra Maria Schnitzer.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings (Cavalleria, Requiem) and notes.

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