Rolando Villazón

Rolando Villazón sings Lucia di Lammermoor: Edgardo tries to curse Lucia
Villazón's partner (A. N.) does not fare any better in Lucia di Lammermoor: Wahn! Wahn! Überall Wahn!
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Rolando Villazón sings La tabernera del puerto: No puede ser!
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Rolando Villazón sings Manon: Ah! Fuyez douce image
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Villazón's comeback in Vienna
Tonight, January 5th, 2008, the Vienna Staatsoper boasted Villazón's comeback after a six-months world-wide absence from the public, in order to recover his overstrained chords. It was at the same time his first Vienna Werther. It was a complete failure. The voice is in a worse state than ever - it has lost at least half of its size, and while the piano is still working, he is absolutely lacking the necessary volume when singing forte. For me, sheer voice size is not overly important, but this was bordering on the inaudible, and this is putting it mildly. He is almost constantly coarse. And worst of all, he has no top anymore. His B flats were (very short) cries for help rather than acuti, incredible. Even the public seemed to understand, there was no applause after his act 1 and 2 arias. But then, after "Pourquoi me réveiller", which was rendered clearly worse than the two other arias, there were inevitably idiots enough in the theatre to organize an (if not overwhelming) applause - and after the performance, the applause was even rather frenetic! Maybe they applauded because he was still walking alone, though he had seemed so very feeble before.
Robert Schlesinger
Rolando Villazón sings Werther: Pourquoi me réveiller
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I wish to thank Helmut Krautschneider for the recording (Werther).

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