Henk Noort

Picture of Henk Noort
Henk Noort - born October, 1899, in Rotterdam or Leiden, according to different sources; no date of death seems to be known.

He made his debut in 1926 in The Hague. Later in Germany, from 1931 in Berlin (Städtische Oper). 1933, he moved on to Düsseldorf, where he changed his repertoire from lyrical to heroic.

The peak of his career seems to have been his Walther von Stolzing at the Salzburg festival under Toscanini's baton; otherwise, his career didn't get along very well, and he ended up as a member of the small theatre of Münster.

During WWII, he made recordings for Odeon that were never released and are considered lost, so the only testimony of his voice seems to be the Salzburg Meistersinger live recording under Toscanini.

Henk Noort singsDie Meistersinger: Fanget an
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I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.

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