Nikolai A. Abramov

Picture of Nikolai A. Abramov
Nikolai A. Abramov was a choral soloist with the Alexandrov ensemble.

He recorded several duets with Nikolay Savchuk, A. Kusleev, L.M. Kharitonov, A. Eizen and solos.

Abramov was irritated by record companies confusing his name with others when crediting solos and duets, notably on the Kultur video of 1965 available in the West.

The recording of Black raven here has been confirmed the be with Abramov by the great bass Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov, who was in the choir with Abramov until 1965.

Nikolai A. Abramov sings Chorni voron (Black raven), with Artur Arturovich Eizen
Picture of Artur Arturovich Eizen
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