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Ivan Alchevsky as Raoul

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Ivan Alchevsky was born in Kharkov on December 15th. 1876. His father was an industrialist. Ivan Alchevsky was trained to sing by his brother Grigori. During 1896-1901, he studied at the Kharkov university. In 1901, he made his debut at the Mariinski, as the Indian guest. Ivan Alchevsky sang there until 1905. He perfected his studies by taking lessons from both Jean De Reszke and Felia Litvinne in Paris. From 1905, he sang outside Russia (
Bruxelles 1905/1906 (Armide on November 7, 1906 with Renaud, Declery, Bourbon, François, Dognies, Mme Litvinne, Mme Bourgeois, Mme Maubourg, Mme Carlhant, Mme Eyréams, Mme Das, Mme Lambert, Sylvain Dupuis (Total 40)),
Covent Garden 1906, New York 1906, Monte-Carlo 1909, Algeria 1912, Paris 1908-10 and 1912-14). During 1910-12 and 1915-1917, Ivan Alchevsky was the first tenor at the Bolshoi. He is said to have perfect pitch and a range going up to e (MI!!!!). Among his best roles were José, Raoul, Radames, and Samson. Alchevski was one of best Wagnerian singer in Russia: Lohengrin, Tannhäuser, and Siegfried. He died suddenly in Baku during a performance on April 26th. 1917. He recorded only once in 1903 (8 records).
Ivan Alchevsky singsSadko: Ni sh'est' almazaf f kamnnyh pisherah (Song of the Indian Guest)
Black G&T G.C.- 2-22512 (Stamper II), Mtx.: 1712 x, St. Petersburg, 1903, 74 rpm, 3.2 TC stylus
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Ivan Alchevsky singsLohengrin: Im fernem Land
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Ivan Alchevsky singsRoméo et Juliette: Ah, lève toi soleil
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I wish to thank Otto Striebel for the recording (Sadko).
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording (Lohengrin).
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures (3 bottom) and recording (Roméo et Juliette).

Sadko (Indian guest)-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 18 September 1901
Faust--St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 4 December 1901
Demon-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 9 October 1902
Serviliya-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 14 October 1902
Ruslan and Ludmila (Bayan)-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 27 November 1902
Cordelia--St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 9 December 1902
Les Huguenots-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 11 April 1903
Lohengrin-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 25 April 1903
The Saracen-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 9 September 1903
Lakmé-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 23 September 1903
Roméo et Juliette-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 10 October 1903
Pskovityanka-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 6 November 1903
Feramore-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 18 December 1903
Poslyednye Svidaniye-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 24 January 1904
The life for the Tsar-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 31 March 1904
Sadko (Sadko) -St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 13 April 1904
Der Freischütz-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 16 September 1904
Rognyeda-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 7 October 1904
Boris Godunov (Shuyski) -St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 9 November 1904
La Traviata-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 20 December 1904
Armide (Rinaldo)-Brussels, Monnaie, 1905/6
Alceste-Brussels, Monnaie, 1905/6
Printsessa Luch Solitsa-Brussels, Monnaie, 1905/6
Eugen Onegin-London, Convent Garden, 26 June 1906
Dinorah-New York, Manhattan, 1906/7
La Navarraise-New York, Manhattan, 1906/7
Samson et Dalila-Moscow, Zimin Opera, 19 October 1907
La Bohème (Leoncavallo) -Moscow, Zimin Opera, 29 January 1908
Carmen-Moscow, Zimin Opera, 8 March 1908
Pagliacci-Moscow, Zimin Opera, 11 March 1908
La Cabrera-Moscow, Zimin Opera, 11 March 1908
Aida-Moscow, Bolshoi, 25 March 1908
Hippolyte et Aricie-Paris, Opéra, 13 (western date) May 1908
Rigoletto-Paris, Opéra, 10 December 1908
Tannhäuser-Paris, Opéra, January 1909
Le Cobzar-Monte Carlo, Garnier, 3 February 1909
Salammbô (Shahabarim)-Paris, Opéra, 1910
La Damnation de Faust-Paris, Opéra, 1910
Tannhäuser (Walter)-Moscow, Bolshoi, 1910/11
Die Götterdämmerung-Moscow, Bolshoi, 10 October 1911 (He sang the role probably earlier that year in Paris)
Natalka Poltavka-Moscow, Ukrainian Company, 18 March 1912
Snegurochka-Moscow, Bolshoi, 11 April 1912
Siegfried-Moscow, Bolshoi, 24 April 1912
Le coq d'or-Paris, Opéra, 6 May 1914
Scémo-Paris, Opéra, 26 April 1914
Parsifal-Marseille, Opéra, 1914
Pique Dame-St. Petersburg, Narodni Dom, 10 Janaury 1915
Mefistofele-St. Petersburg, Narodni Dom, 1915
Zaporozhetz za Dunayem-Moscow, Bolshoi, 15 September 1915
La Juive-St. Petersburg, Narodni Dom, 4 March 1916
Le Prophète-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 26 November 1916
The Stone Guest-St. Petersburg, Maryinski, 27 January 1917
Reference: P. Ivanovsky & K. Miloslavsky Ivan Alchevsky, Vsyesoyuznoye Izdatelstvo Sovyetsky Kompozitor, Moscow, 1972.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the biographical notes.

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