Georgiy I. Babaev

Picture of  Georgiy I. Babaev Picture of  Georgiy I. Babaev
with Vasily Pankov
with Vsevolod Vladimir Puchkov
Georgiy I. Babaev was a Stalin Prize Laureate.

With the Alexandrov Ensemble, he recorded Song of the Young Soldiers duet with V. Puchkov (music: P. Akulenko; lyrics: Ya Shvedov), Song of the Klim Voroshilov duet with Yuri Laut (music: Alexander Alexandrov; lyrics: O. Kolychev), Aside Native (music: A. Alexandrov; lyrics: S. Mikhalkov), Seasoned Cook (music: Z. Kompaneyets; lyrics: I. Lakshin), Song of the Bluhera duet with V. Pankov (music: Alexander Alexandrov; lyrics: S. Alymov), and I Myself (Slovak song).

Georgiy I. Babaev singsVasya-Vasilyok, with Vasily Pankov
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Georgiy I. Babaev singsMolodikh Soldat(Song of young soldiers), with Vsevolod Vladimir Puchkov
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