Isidor Mikhaïlovich Bolotin


Picture of  Isidor Mikhaïlovich Bolotin
Bolotin (Real name Isirail Ruvinovich Bolotniy) was born on August 26 (September 8), 1907 in Bobruisk.

During 1927-30, Bolotin studied at the Belarusian Musical Technical school, and during 1930-32 at the operatic studio in Minsk. One of his teacher was Anton Petrovich Bonachich.

Bolotin made his debut as the at the Belarusian Opera and Ballet Studio in 1931.

From 1933, Bolotin is a soloist at the Belarusian Opera and ballet Theater in Minsk.

His reperoty inluded: Konrad (Tsvyetok Schastya (Flower of Happiness) by Aleksei Turenkov (1886-1958)), Mi-Khasya (Mikhas Podgorodskogoniï by Yevgeny Tikotski (1893-1970)), Syomki (Alyesya by Yevgeny Tikotski), Savka (V. Pushchukh Polyesya (In the forests of Polesie) by Anatolii Vasilyevich Bogatyrev, (July 31 (Aug. 13), 1913-2003)), Lensky, Vodemon, Faust, Dubrovsky, Simpleton, Duca, Almaviva, Nadir, Vacek, Pan Damazy (Straszny dwór) ...

Bolotin sang in Moscow (Bolshoi), Leningrad (Kirov) and other cities. He sang also chamber music.

Bolotin died on July 12, 1961.
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