Ivan Maksimovich Bugayev

Picture of  Ivan Bugaev Picture of  Ivan Bugaev as Lensky
Picture of  Ivan Bugaev as Almaviva Picture of  Ivan Bugaev in rehearsal
Bugayev was born on November 12 (25) 1919 in the Odinkovka Dnipropetrosk Region. In 1936, Bugayev served the Navy fleet where he participated in artisitic events. He also sang in the Song and Dancing Ensemble of the Black Sea fleet.

He studied singing during 1943-46 at the Leningrad conservatory with Sofya Vladimirovna Khekimyan Akimova-Ershova (March 15 (27), 1887 Tbilisi, Georgia - January 16, 1972 Saint Petersburg, CCCP).

Bugaev became a soloist at the Kirov/Mariinski in 1945 ( According to the Website of the Mariinsky History 1946) and made his debut as Vladimir (Prince Igor). He sang there until the mid 1960s.

Among his roles were; Gvidon, Sinodal, Alfredo, Duca, Lensky, Dubrovsky, Almaviva, Faust, Shchyepin-Rostovsky, Vaïnonen, Riccardo, Shuisky, Bomely ....

Bugayev went on tour to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Holland.

Since 1965, Buagyev teaches singing the Conservatory in Leningrad.

He recorded very little.
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Ivan Maksimovich Bugayev singsPod oknom cheremuha kolyshetsja
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