Ivan Semionovich Bukreev

1924 - 1998

Picture of Ivan Semionovich Bukreev Picture of Ivan Semionovich Bukreev Picture of Ivan Semionovich Bukreev with Vladimir Chernykh Vladimir Chernykh on the left
In World War II, he was in the Air Force, and was seriously wounded in battle. In 1944 he graduated from the Gnessin State Musical College, and became a soloist in the Air Force ensemble. It has been suggested in the West that he was overshadowed by E. Belyaev, but Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov remembers the following:
"Bukreev didnít have any specific reaction to Belyaev's success. Actually, he was glad for his colleague. Besides, it would be quite strange to compare them since they were different kinds of tenor Ė Belyaev was lyric tenor (higher voice) and Bukreev was a lyric and dramatic tenor (deeper voice). Bukreev never performed as a soloist abroad. Belyaev sang only three songs abroad and was mainly famous for the Kalinka song. In Russia they had equal popularity. Bukreev was teetotal and was a good husband and father to his wife and daughter."
Kharitonov only ever sang duets with one person, and that was Bukreev. With the Alexandrov Ensemble from 1953 to 1987/88 Bukreev gained a high reputation and recorded:
Take Soldiers (music: Y. Milutin; lyrics: M. Lisyansky), Submariners' Waltz (music: V. Alexandrov; lyrics: Igor Morozov) (1965), Rides the Border (music: B. Muradeli; lyrics: A. Annual), We Go, We Go Into the Army duet with P. Bogachev (music: B. Aleksandrov; lyrics: V. Tatarinov), The Soldier (music: B. Mokrousov; lyrics: C. Islands), Our Soldiers (music: L. Lyadov; lyrics: A. Zharov), Good Guy (music: A. Doluhanyan; lyrics: Nekrasova L.), Song of Prague (music: M. Blanter; lyrics: Anon) (1960), At Least (music: A. Doluhanyan; lyrics: M. Lisyansky), A Wave (music: A Doluhanyan; lyrics: M. Lisyansky), Soldier's Ways duet with Edward Labkovsky (music: B. Aleksandrov; lyrics: B. Dubrovin), Russian Accordion (music: B. Muradeli; lyrics: E. Savinov), I Took You into the Tundra (music: M. Fradkin; lyrics: M. Plyatskovsky) (performed 1982), Bird Cherry (music: M. Blanter; lyrics: M. Isakovsky), South-West Region (music: Yu Milyutin; lyrics: E. Dolmatovskaya), I Will Never Forget You (music: E. Kolmanovsky; lyrics: K. Vanshenkin) (ca.1965), Moscow Nights (music: V. Soloviev-Sedoi; lyrics: M. Matousovski) (1958), Bella Ciao duet with P. Slastnoi (Italian partisan song; arr. B. Pogrebov) (ca.1966), Bucharest Love, Homeland Night, Wait a Day to Return (1956), Song of the Border Defence Troops, two unknown solos, Spring of 1945 duet with Boris Shemyakov, Sky Blue Eyes (1978), Near the Garden trio with I.I. Savchuk and E. Belyaev, American Soldiers, That Soldier Heads Up, Far Away (1978), The Girls I Cry, Early Apple Blossom, Regiment Polka duet with V.P. Gorlanov, Ready Rocket Forces duet with V.L. Ruslanov, City of Rostov, In Our Company, Vasya-Vasilyok duet with L.M. Kharitonov (ca.1965), I'll Always be a Soldier.

Ivan Semionovich Bukreev sings Vasya-Vasilyo, with Leonid Kharitonov
Picture of Leonid Kharitonov
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