Selmar Cerini

Picture of Selmar Cerini's record label

Selmar Cerini sings Guillaume Tell: Asile héréditaire, in German
In RA Format

Selmar Cerini sings Kol Nidre
In RA Format
Selmar Cerini's real name was Selmar Steifmann. Born 1860 in Wulka (Poland), died 1923 in Wroclaw (Poland again).Information provided by Robert Schlesinger
The Asile héréditaire was issued on the Elephone label under the name Lewandowski. Elephone was the export label of Lyrophon. The "Lewandowski" on the label is a mistake obviously due to the fact that Cerini also recorded Louis Lewandowski's Kol nidre version in that same recording session; Christian Zwarg suspects that for the Elephone label, they simply copied the name from the wrong line and column of the original recording sheet. Information provided by Robert Schlesinger
I wish to thank Richard J. Venezia for the recording (Kol Nidre).

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