Vladimir Chernykh

Picture of Ivan Semionovich Bukreev with Vladimir Chernykh
Ivan Semionovich Bukreev on the right
With the Alexandrov Ensemble, Chernykh recorded Jet Pilot, Ballad of the Red Army, Loyalty duet (possibly with G. Andryushchenko [37]), Hail to the Infantry! with V. Shkaptsov (1978) and an unidentified song.

Critical commentary on a music video featuring Chernykh and Bukreev (see image: They sing The Grey Cuckoo on Soviet Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble. This screenshot illustrates the sheer lack of public ego among the tenors of the Ensemble. In the West, a duet or trio of lyric tenors is always something of a competition for audience attention on the part of the singers - but here it is always a matter of humility to the music: blending; complementing; adjusting of the voice for perfect harmony of dynamic and musicality. The duettists always behave like the army choristers, whom Boris Alexandrov famously described as being so well-discipined due to regular square-bashing. This, of course, was a joke as they are clearly as exhaustively rehearsed as any Georg Solti choir. This screenshot shows them not showing off, but simply working. It helps to illustrate that this army choir was really born of the Kazan Cathedral choir where Alexander Alexandrov learned his trade all those decades ago. The choir was never a sport of the operatic stage where Boris was trained.

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