Isaï Grigoryevich Dvorishchin

1876 Druya- 1941 Leningrad

Picture of Isaï Grigoryevich Dvorishchin

Dvorishchin (Stage name Petrov) was born in 1876 in Druya, region of Vilensk (other sources stated Voronezh as his place of birth).

He was an opera singer, producer and singing teacher.

He was born in a tailor family. From age 13, he sang in a boy's choir; then he went to the opera in Voronezh (hired by Kosarev) where he also worked as a Requisiteur.

In 1893, Dvorishchin sang in a choir and took singing lessons with L. Sobinov and I.Tomars. Between 1893 - 96, he was a Chorist at the Kazan opera, then soloist at the Samarkand opera, and between 1896 - 97 - st the Tiflis opera.

Later, Dvorishchin was a chorist, soloist and director at the Opera Houses in Odessa (1899), Rostov, Petersburg (1904 - 07, at the new summer theater "Olimpia", 1907 - 18 People's house, Mariisnky (The newly published chronology of the Mariinsky does not list him either under Dvorishchin or Petrov), Moscow, Kharkov (1905), and Kiev (1905 - 06).

Dvorishchin had no great vocal gifts, however, he had a clear theatrical talent, thanks to that he performed a series of unforgettable creations, for example Misail.

Some of his partners were: P. Andreyev, M. Bocharov, A.M. Davidov, I. Ershov, M. Maksakov, M. Medvedev, L. Sobinov, F. Shalyapin, V. Shkafyer ..

Some of the conductors he sang under were: I. Arkadiev, M. Golinkin, E. Kuper (Cooper), G. Pagani, D. Pokhitonov, I. Truffi, L. Steinberg ...

After 1917, Dvorishchin followed the call of Karl Kasimir Theodor (Vsevolod ) Meyerhold (9 February [O.S. 28 January] 1874 – 2 February 1940 (purged by Stalin)), he was a director, stage manager and choirmaster at the state opera in Leningrad.

Dvorishchin worked with the directors V. Losski, V. Meyerhold. Thanks to him. the première in the CCCP of the Rosenkavalier took place.

There is painting of him by Kharitonov at the Museum in Leningrad.

Dvorishchin published an Autobiography in 1939 -located at he state fine arts museum in Leningrad.

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I wish to thank Ildikó Vegh for her help preparing this material.

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