Jaro Dworsky

Jaro Dworsky - He is another singer whom I like, so I'm sending three examples, as well. He was born on January 24th, 1891, in Königsberg, where his father, Jaroslaw Dworsky, was a member of the opera theatre - he, too, was a tenor. (I'm not sure about Dworsky's nationality; while the name seems Polish, his German is perfectly idiomatic, and Königsberg/Kaliningrad was then part of Germany, of course.) His father was also his first teacher; he further studied with Grenzebach, Germany's most famous voice teacher, in Berlin. He made his debut in 1921 in his home town. From 1924, he was at the Staatsoper Berlin, from 1926 in Dresden, from 1927 to 1930 at the Staatsoper Berlin again. He spent the rest of his career without being a fix member of any opera house, with highly successful guest appearances all over Germany. He retired in 1944; when and where he died is not known.

Jaro Dworsky singsManon: Flieh o flieh

Jaro Dworsky singsFriederike: Sah ein Knab' ein Röslein stehen

Jaro Dworsky singsDon Giovanni: Tränen vom Freund getrocknet


I. Parlophon, 1928/9
20561 Manon: Ich schloss die Augen P-9240-I 20562 Manon: Flieh, o flieh, holdes Bild P-9240-II 20563 Werther: Was bin ich aufgewacht Unpublished 20996 Friederike: O Mädchen, mein Mädchen P-9331-I 20997 Friederike: Sah' ein Knab' P-9331-II 21175 Faust: Auf eilet, auf eilet P-9852-I P-9647-I O-7644 With Seinemeyer, List 21176 Faust: Ach, er ist's. er hat mich P-9852-I P-9647-II O-7644 With Seinemeyer, List 21634 Wanderes Nachtlied Unpublished With Bettendorf 21635 Les contes d'Hoffmann: Hörst du es Unpublished With Bettendorf 21636 Von ewiger Liebe Unpublished With Bettendorf 21656 Rosenlieder I Unpublished With Bettendorf 21657 Rosenlieder II Unpublished With Bettendorf
II. Electrola, 1926/7
BWR318-1 Der Freischütz: Durch die Wälder 8-42007 E479 AA124 EW10 BWR319-1 Der Freischütz: Jetzt ist wohl 8-42008 E479 AA124 EW10 BWR320-1 Rigoletto: Freundlich bin ich 8-42023 EW20 BWR821-1 Rigoletto: Ach, wie so trügerisch 8-42024 EW20 BDR4579-1 Tosca: Wie sich die Bilder 8-42076 P841 ER273 EW36 BWR1335-2 Tosca: Und es blitzen die Sterne 8-42077 P841 ER273 EW36 CWR008-1 La Bohème: Wie eiskalt ist dies 4-042008 EJ134 CWR999-1 Cavalleria Rusticana: Mutter 4-042009 EJ134 CWR997-1 Don Juan: Tränen vom Freunde 4-040010 EJ136 CWR822-4 Die Zauberflöte: Dies Bildnis 4-042011 EJ136 CDR 4578-I Cavalleria rusticana: O Lola, rosengleich 4-040571 EJ135
(the reverse is the second part of the overture)

I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings, and notes.

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