Frank Eckart

1912 or 1913 -February 24th 1959

Picture of Frank Eckart

The Polish (jewish) tenor Frank Eckart was in Anvers (Belgium) when the Germans invaded Poland the first of September 1939, being a Polish jew, he decided to escape to the USA. He was on friendly terms with Mia Van den Bosch, soprano of the Royal Flemish Opera House from 1936 until the 1944-45 season, she told Pierre Vandeweghe the following story:
"When in January 1959 I was walking on the Keyserlei (main street of Anvers) I suddenly saw Frank in the crowd. After all those years he told me his story. He had been singing in the US and had made a tour of Germany singing at provincial opera houses, he was still singing with great success and had signed a contract with the Anvers opera house. He gave me an alumium-based lacquer disc and we never saw each other again. A few weeks later he had a fatal stroke after the ending of the "Te Deum" scene in the first act of "la Tosca". The Tosca of the evening Maria Dolores felt ill in the morning and was replaced by the Flemish soprano Marie-Louise Hendrickx. When Frank died the director of the opera asked tenor Marcel Vercammen to replace Eckart but the soprano Marie-Louise Hendrickx was in such an emotional state by the death of her partner that she had to stop in the middle of the second act. The director came before the curtain and told the sudden death of Eckart to the audience. The public left the hall in silence."
After WWII, he sang regularly in Hamburg, but without much success; success followed when he was in Italy subsequently. In autumn 1957, he sang Don Josť at the Vienna Staatsoper, again without great success.
Robert Schlesinger
Frank Eckart singsDer Troubadur: Ai nostri monti, with ? in German
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Frank Eckart singsDer Troubadur: Lodern zum Himmel
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