Pál Fekete

Picture of Pál Fekete

Pál Fekete sings Das Land des Lächeln: Vagyom egy (Dein ist mein ganzes Herz )
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Biographical Notes

Pál Fekete was born on the 4th of November 1900. After graduating from an acting school, he joined the Apollo Cabaret in 1920 and later the Downtown Theatre & Operetta Theatre. Meanwhile he completed his vocal studies at the Music Academy and graduated in 1927 to considerable success with Ferrando in Mozart's opera Cosi fan tutte. He joined the Opera House in 1931 where he remained up to his death on the 3rd of January 1959. He was exellent in secondary roles such as Monostatos (Magic Flute), Goro (Butterfly), Mime (Siegfried), and Pang (Turandot). Pál Fekete was somewhat unusual among his opera Colleagues, not as an opera singer but as a jazz performer, as he was the only one to be recorded singing improvised solos with a jazz band.
I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the picture, biographical notes and recording.

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