Miķelis Fišers (In Russian Mikelis Mikelevich Fisher)


Picture of Miķelis Fišers
Fišer started as baritone before becoming a tenor.

In 1939, Fišer finished the Liepaï conservatory ( Class of Spektor).

During 1941—48, Fišer worked at the Liepaï opera theater first in the chorus, then as a soloist.

Starting in 1948, Fišer was a soloist at the Latvian Opera company in Riga.

His roles included: Demon, Onyegin, Scarpia, and Renato. From 1955, Fišer began to sing tenor dramatic parts such as Vsevolod (Kitezh), Radames, Canio, Cavaradossi, Sergey (Katyerina Izmaïlova), Ovod (Ovod (The Gadfly) by Antonio Emmanuilovich Spadavecchia (March 6 1907 Odessa-Jully 2, 1988 Moscow)), Aïvar (K novomu beregu (Toward a new bank by Margery Ottovich Zarins, (Lett. Margers Zarinš) 1910 - 1993)), Johnson, Rodolfo, Don Carlo, José, Pedro (Tiefland), Antin (Zolotoï Kon by Zhilinsky), Vižuts (Baņuta by Alfrēd Kalniņš (23 August 1879, Cesis–23 December 1951, Riga), Kangars (Ogon i noch by Medin) ....
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Miķelis Fišer was from Latvia, since he was People's Artist of the Latvian Soviet Republic (which, to Soviet standards, would mean that he was born there), and his records were published in Riga.
Украденный Игором
Miķelis Fišers sings Turandot: Nessun dorma, in Latvian
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Miķelis Fišers sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
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