Artur Fristyevich Frinberg

December 25, 1916 Melluzi, Latvia -

Picture of Frinberg
Picture of Frinberg
Picture of Frinberg
Otello with Latviïskaya Pyevitsa
Picture of Frinberg
Picture of Frinberg
Ovod by Antonio Spadavekkia
He studied voice with R. Bērziņš in Riga.

During 1946-74, Frinberg was a soloist with the Latvian Opera.

From 1975, he was in charge of the operatic class at the Latvian conservatory.

His repertory included: Pedro, Herodes, Otello, Tannhäuser, Canio, Kutierma, Grigori, Radames, German, Vižuts (Baņuta by Kalniņš], Aivars (Uz jauno krastu by Zariņš), Pyer, Sergey (Katerina Izmailova), Lachplyesis (Ogon i Noch by Medins), ...

He toured in Finland, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.
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Artur Fristyevich Frindberg singsOtello: Monolog
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I wish to thank the late Harold Byrnes for having introduced me to Artur Frinberg.
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