Valery Ignatyevich Glushakov

Valery Ignatyevih Glushakov was born on September 1, 1926 in Bobruisk. During the war, Valery Glushakov was a guerrilla in the 9th. Kirov's brigade.

At the end of the war, Glushakov was drafted into the Soviet army.

After the army, Glushakov entered the Belarusian State Conservatory in the class of E. E. Vitting.

After graduation in 1956, Glushakov sang leading roles on stage of the State Opera and Ballet, and became its director.

Twice, in 1959 and 1961, Glushakov was elected deputy of Minsk. On December 8, 1910, a Commemorative plaque was displayed on a house located on Independence Avenue, 48. Glushavkov lived there for many years.

His repertory included: Vronek (Yasniï rassvyet (Clear Dawn) by Turenkov, 1958), Andrey (Kolyuchaya Roza (prickly Rose) by by Semenyako, 1960), Lukash (Charodyeïka (The Enchantress) ), Astrologer (The golden Cockerel), Andrey (Khovanshchina), The Indian Guest, Vladimir (Prince Igor), Don Antonio (Betrothal in a Monastery), Faust, Werther, Cassio, Duca, Alfredo, Nadir, Enzo, ...
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