Viktor Iosifovich Guryev

August 16 (29), 1914 Narva - October 14, 1985

Picture of Viktor Iosifovich Guryev
Apprently, his real name was Sasha. During 1940-1, Guryev studied at the Tallinn Conservatory with Tiit Kuuzik.

During 1945-50, Guryev sang in the men's choir of the Estonian SSR, while engaging in choral conducting at the Department of the Tallinn Music School and later at the Tallinn Conservatory.

During 195068, Guryev was soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theatre Estonia. His repertory there included: Simpleton, Grigori, Lensky, German, Paolo, Alfredo, Sinodal, Cavaradossi, José, Oleg Koshevoï ( Molodaya gvardiya), Randla (Dalyokiye by Reïman), Mikola (Ukradyennoye Schastye by Meytus), Riccardo, Hoffmann, Eisenstein, Mozart, Vladimir Igoryevich, ...

Simultaneously, Guryev sang Soviet songs including duets with Georg Ots. Guryev was awarded the first prize in 1956 at the National competition for singers of Soviet songs

Starting in 1956, Guryev taught singing at the Tallinn Conservatory and was its rector during 1970-182.
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Viktor Iosifovich Guryev sings Lyublyu tebya, moy kray rodnoy, with Georg Ots
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