Hermann Jadlowker

Picture of Hermann Jadlowker as Fenton
Hermann Jadlowker as Fenton

Picture of Hermann Jadlowker as Canio

Picture of Hermann Jadlowker

Hermann Jadlowker sings Ya-aleh
RA format
It comes from an old LP (Top Artists Platters, T-329) that doesn't give any details Like all recordings produced by Eddie Smith on TAP.. Obviously, it has never been released anywhere else in the LP or CD era. The Freedman Catalogue (THE discographical source for Jewish music), at least, has it only on that LP, too, but they confirm it's Jadlowker.
It's very probable that it was recorded at the time when he was already in Palestine (Tel Aviv, more precisely). It's a late recording in any case (the voice sounds old), and in Tel Aviv, he worked as a cantor. Now in Palestine between WWI and WWII, there were obviously no "real" labels; I imagine recordings were made by small studios like the ones that offered to make "private" recordings in Europe ("Happy Birthday to Aunt Mary from your loving nephews and nieces" and the like). At least, that's how Joseph Schmidt's Palestine (cantorial) recordings were obviously made during his Palestine concert tour, and I wouldn't be surprised if the story of Jadlowker's recording would be similar.
Robert Schlesinger
Hermann Jadlowker sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
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Hermann Jadlowker sings Idomeneo: Fuor del mar
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I would like to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording (Ya-aleh, a rare late recording as a Cantor).
I would like to thank Thomas Silverboerg for the recording (Trovatore) and the pictures.

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