Miroslav Jenik

Picture of Miroslav Jenik as Duca
Miroslav Jenik as Duca

Miroslav Jenik sings Faust: Salut demeure chaste et pure
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Miroslav Jenik sings V Studni: Chce Videt V Studni Tvár
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Miroslav Jenik was born on the 12th. of September 1884 in Tochovice u Blatne. He studied singing with S.K.Slavie and then with K.Burian. Jenik began to sing early when he was still a student. His official debut was held in 1914 in Prague as Jenek ( Prodana nevesta). During 1918-1941, he appeared at the Prague National Opera singing lyrical parts: Jenek (154 Performances), Lenski, Faust, Ottavio. In 1932 he switched to heavier parts, such as Siegfried, and in 1937 Otello. The singer died on the 30th. of October 1944 in Prague.
I wish to thank both Vladimir Efimenko for the picture, recordings and notes.

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