Grayr Grayrovich Khanedanyan

June 6, 1939, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region -

Picture of Grayr Khanedanyan
Picture of Grayr Khanedanyan
His mother Antonina M. Paramonov Antonina, was a native of the city of Tambov, while his father Khanedanian Grayr Aykovich (b. 1909), was a native of Trebizond and took part in the last Soviet-Finnish War and the second world war.

In 1958, Khanedanian entered the Lviv State Conservatory.

In 1961, he was accepted by the Lviv Opera House as a soloist.

During 1963-1965, he was drafted into the Soviet Army.

In 1965, he was hired by the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater where he remained until 1972.

He sang in Alisher Navoi in Uzbekistan and in Tashkent where he sang until 1980, while teaching at the Tashkent State Conservatory and TTHI.

During 1980-1987, he sang at the theater of opera and ballet in Ordzhonikidze in North Ossetia, until he was invited to join the Perm Tchaikovski Opera and Ballet Theatre. During the same time, he sang at the Kirov.

In 1995, he joined the staff of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Currently Khanedanyan works at the Mariinsky Theatre, the Academy of Young Singers at the Mariinsky Theatre and is professor at the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory.

He is the composer of several operas, ballet, songs, symphonies. Since 1960, he also paints.

He is married to Larissa Gergieva.

He started as a baritone and his repertory includes: Aleko, Amonasro, Escamillo, Alfio, German, Pinkerton, Cavaradossi, Canio, Radames, Don Carlo, José, Hoffmann, ...
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Grayr Grayrovich Khanedanyan sings Pique Dame: Chto nasha zhizn?

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