Vladimir Vasilyevich Kravtsov

July 29, 1926 -

Picture of Vladimir Vasilyevich Kravtsov as Vladimir
Picture of Vladimir Vasilyevich Kravtsov as Vladimir
Kravtsov was born on July 29, 1926 in, Kamensk, Rostov region.

He was a soldier during the the Second World War and took part in the capture of Berlin.

In the Red Army, since February 1944, he began service in the 96-m reserve regiment, then he was sent to the 1st Belorussian front. He was a machine gunner. He took part in the penetration of the German defense in the Vistula, in the liberation following cities Skernevitse, Lovich, Bydgoshch, and fought in Pomerania. He went to the battle front on the Oder in Kostrzyn and then reached reached Berlin. On April 29, 1945, he was injured in the Eastern Berlin train station and was sent for the treatment in Lodz. Until June 25, 1946, he continued his service in the eighth combatant company of the 50th separate guard battalion and from June 25, 1946 he continued service in the eighth then was transferred into the city Ryazan. He was demobilized during October 1946.

In 1947, Kravtsov began to work as in the chorus of the Akhundov Azerbaijan theater of opera and balle in Baku, simultaneously he learned on the vocal department in a musical school, then at the Baku conservatory. In 1955, Kravtsov sang at the Stanislavski and Nemerovich-Danchenko Moscow Musical Theater. He was as transferred to the Tchaikovsly Moscow conservatory.

During 1958-1980, he was a leading soloist at the Kirov. He is mentionned as an important singer the Mariinskii History.

His repertory included Duca, Werther, Simpleton, Lohengrin, Manrico, Faust, Almaviva, Lensky, Likov, Alekseï (Optimistichyeskaya Tragyediya by Kholminov), Wandering folk singer (Rafael), Alfredo, Des Grieux, Dubrovsky, Sinodal, Vladimir Igoryevich, Bayan, Tamino, ...

Among the little number of his recordings, there is a 1956 Melodiya recording of Rafael conducted by Vladimir Smirnov with the chorus and orchestra of the Soviet Radio. The cast is: Rafael - Vladimir Kaluga, Fornarina - Z. Dolukhanova, Cardinal - A. Korolev, and Wandering singer - V. Kravtsov.

There is also a live recording of Il Trovatore at the Kirov sung in Russian with Leonora Galina Kovalyeva, Manrico Vladimir Kravtsov, il Conte di Luna Vladimir Kinyaev and Azucena Irina Bogacheva.
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I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording (Dubrovsky), and picture (left).
Copyright Kamensk Picture: Igor Golovnyov.
Vladimir Vasilyevich Kravtsov sings Dubrovski: O give me oblivion
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Vladimir Vasilyevich Kravtsov singsIl Trovatore: Ah! si ben mio ... Di quella pira, in Russian
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