Alexander Mikhaïlovich Lomonosov

1939 -

Picture of Alexander Lomonosov
Lomonosov was born in 1939.

Lomonosov finished in 1975 the Gnesin in the class of E.S.Belov.

During 1970-74, Lomonosov was soloist at the Moscow Chamber Musical Theater

In 1974, Lomonosov became a solist at the Bolshoi.

His repertory includes: Radames, Sobinin, Grigori, German, Sadko, Likov, Duca, Manrico, Alfredo, Pyer Bezukhov, etc.

Alexander Lomonosov singsIvan Susanin (Zhizn' za tsarya): Zdravstvuitye, rodniye
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Alexander Lomonosov singsIvan Susanin (Zhizn' za tsarya): Bratsi v metel
This needs some clarification, as Robert Schlesinger pointed out, Bratsi v metel is not from "Ivan Susanin", just from "Zhizn za tsarya". The main difference between these two versions of the opera is just that the tenor aria from Zhizn za tsarya has been substituted with a mezzosoprano aria that Glinka had written as an additional piece long after the premiere) when the Soviets overhauled the opera to "Ivan Susanin", leaving out the Tsar.
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Alexander Lomonosov singsAida: Duo Radames/Amneris, with Anegina Ilina
Picture of Anegina Ilina
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I with to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording (Zhizn' za tsarya).

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