Leonid Neverov

Picture of Leonid Neverov
Neverov finished in 1943 the Leningrad Conservatory where he studied with Sofya Vladimirovna Khekimyan Akimova-Ershova (March 15 (27), 1887 Tbilisi, Georgia - January 16, 1972 Saint Petersburg, CCCP).

Neverov was a a soloist at the Maly Theatre (St.Petersburg), also known as The Academic Maly Drama Theatre.

After, Neverov became a soloist for the radio-information center of the Soviet Ministers of the CCCP.

Neverov was a prolific recording artist but really never a top rank tenor. He is also referred as a baritone.

I wis to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the notes and picture.

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