Sigismund Pilinsky

Picture of Sigismund Pilinsky
Pilinszky: Sigismund Pilinsky is his Germanized name - his true name is Zsigmond Pilinszky (yes, with sz). Born December 19th, 1884 in Budapest, died 1960, again in Budapest. Studied voice in Budapest, Leipzig, and Berlin. Sang at the Budapest opera from 1913 to 1927 and from 1932 on; from 1928 to 1932, he was a member of the Städtische Oper Berlin. Guest appearances at the Bayreuth festival (Tannhäuser), in Vienna, London, Chicago, and San Francisco.
Sigismund Pilinsky singsLohengrin: Mein lieber Schwann
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.

I. Parlophon, 1928/9
20733 Die Meistersinger: Morgenlich I      P-9836-I   P-9633-I  O-7852
      With Seinemeyer
20734 Die Meistersinger: Morgenlich II     P-9836-II  P-9633-II O-7852
      With Seinemeyer
20735 Die Walküre: Winterstürme            Unpublished
20736 Lohengrin: Mein lieber Schwan        P-9842-II
20855 Lohengrin: Welch harte Klagen        P-9837-I   P-9634-I  O-7653
      With Seinemeyer, Burg, Jung, Düttbernd
20856 Lohengrin: Elsa, erhebe dich         P-9837-II  P-9634-II O-7653
      With Seinemeyer, Burg, Jung, Düttbernd
20857 Lohengrin: Durtch Gottes Sieg        P-9842-I   P-9635-I  O-7654
      With Seinemeyer, Burg, Jung, Düttbernd
21285 Tannhäuser: Dir, hohe Liebe, soll    Unpublished
21286 Tannhäuser: Inbrunst im Herzen       Unpublished
21287 Tannhäuser: Ja sah ich ihn           Unpublished
21288 lohengrin: Höchstes Vertrauen hast   Unpublished

II. Odeon, 1928>
8063  Der Prophet: Herr, dich in den Sternen    O-8354    6809
8147  Rienzi: Erstehe hohe Roma neu             O-8354    6809

III. Columbia
Matrices from (W)X 5684 to (W)AX5714 
Issue numbers from LFX 112 = CQX 10074 = LX 81 = LWX 3300 to LFX 127 =  CQX 10089  = LX 96 = LWX 3315
with Ruth Jost-Arden, Erna Berger, Ivar Andresen, Maria Müller, Herbert Jansen, (Total 31 sides)
I wish to thank Guido Bathe for the Tannhäuser disocgraphy.

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