Marian Porębski

Born on July 17th, 1910 Sosnowiec, Poland-Died recently, on July 24th, 2008 in Bilcza, Poland

Picture of Marian Porebski

Marian Porębski sings Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond
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Marian Porębski singsHalka: Szumią jodły na gór szczyci
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Marian Porębski a Polish dramatic tenor was born in 1910. His partner is Dominika Porębska-Kwaśnik - who is a dramatic soprano and a professor of music from the Sorbonne (In French her name is QUASNIK, Dominique). There is an article about them on this site, with photos. On the photo Porębski is 94. He was born in Sosnowiec, Poland, and became a volunteer soldier during the war, he got to Paris, where he made his debut in 1944. He became famous there, he sang a lot with Caballe on different stages, and he met Dominika, who was born in Paris. He gave her singing lessons, and then she went to the Sorbonne and became a very famous musicologist professor. She did her master's thesis on Porębski, and after her doctorate she wrote many books in French and Polish:

*"L'Opéra polonais", L'Education Musicale, Paris, 1992
*"Interprétation de la musique slave et polonaise" Marsyas, Paris, 1992
*"Le Théâtre lyrique de Carmen a Pelléas et Mélisande " L'Education Musicale, Paris, 1993
*"Le Style vocal de l'opéra polonais aux XVIII et XIXeme siecles", wyd. Zenon Kubiak, Wodzisław Śl., 1992; 660 s.
*"Manru et le Démon humain", Joubert,Paris, 1992
*"Halka et Pomsta Jontkowa ", Zenon Kubiak, Wodzisław S'l., 1992
*"Dola, opéra de Bolesław Wallek-Walewski", ECN, Paris, 1993

And these ones

Porębski must be still alive, as I saw this on a Swiss website:
Conférence illustrée sur l'opéra polonais "Manru" d'Ignacy Jan Paderewski par le professeur Dominika Porebska-Kwasnik (musicologue) 30.06.2007
Avec le concours des interprètes: prof. Marian POREBSKI - ténor dramatique, Dominika POREBSKA-KWASNIK - soprano dramatique
Lieu : Temple protestant, Morges, see
He was 97 then!

I wish to thank Imogen Norcroft for the biographical information.
I want to thanks Georges Cardol for the picture.
I wish to thank Georges Cardol for the recording (Halka).

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