Bohumil Ptak

Picture of Bohumil Ptak

Bohumil Ptak sings Dalibor: Když Zdenek můj
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Bohumil Ptak sings Russalka: Vím, že jsi kouzlo, které mine
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Bohumil Ptak was born on the 14th of June 1869 in Prague. He studied singing with F.Pivody. He made his debut in 1890 in Brno (1890-1896.) Ptak became famous in parts such as José, Lohengrin, Max, and German. In 1896, Ptak made his debut at the Prague National Opera as Dalibor. The range of his roles was great: from Almaviva up to Tannhäuser. In 1911 Ptak went on tour in the USA. He died in Prague on the 4th of February 1933.

I wish to thank both Vladimir Efimenko for the picture, recording and notes.

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