Vsevolod Vladimir Puchkov

Picture of  Vsevolod Vladimir Puchkov
with Georgiy I. Babaev
Puchkov was a soloist at the Mariinsky.

With the Alexandrov Ensemble in the 1940s and 50s, he recorded Song of Peace and Friendship (music: B. Shainsky, M. Jordan; lyrics: M. Lisyansky), Song of the Young Soldiers duet with Georgiy Babaev (music: P. Akulenko; lyrics: Ya Shvedov) (1950), unknown operatic aria (1951), Travel Far, Ten Thousand Years of Our Country duet with G.I. Babaev (1951), In a Sunny Forest Clearing, Russia, unknown song (1954), Our Bodyguard duet with K.G. Gerasimov (1951) .

There is also a live Boris Godunov with him and Boris Shtokolov, Ivan Bugaev, Erra Krayushkina, Lyudmila Grudina, Vladimir Ulyanov, Konstantin Laptev, Mikhail Chernodzukov, conducted by Sergei Eltsin.

Vsevolod Vladimir Puchkov singsMolodikh Soldat(Song of young soldiers), with Georgiy I. Babaev
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