Sergei Radamsky

Sergei Radamsky was born in Charkiw (Ukraine) in 1895. He lived in the USA for much of his life, obviously already at the time when he made his operatic debut in 1918. He seems to have been active in the US communist movement, at least, he published in the Communist Party's newspaper "Daily Worker". As a guest, he also toured the Soviet Union, including a concert in Moscow with a New York jazz band (!) in 1932. After WWII, he was a successful voice teacherOne of his student was the late baritone Kari Nurmela. living in Vienna. Strangely, though he seems to have been quite well-known at his time, I didn't find anything about his death.
Robert Schlesinger
Picture of Sergei Radamsky

Sergei Radamski sings Tosca: E lucevan le stelle
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Reference: Sergei Radamsky Der verfolgte Tenor. mein Sängerleben zwishen Moskau und Hollywood; R. Piper & Co. Verlag, München 1972.

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