Aleksandr Sergeyevich Sibirtsev

Picture of  Aleksandr Sergeyevich Sibirtsev
Aleksandr Sergeyevich Sibirtsev was born on August 2nd, 1935 in Simferopol. He finished the Moscow conservatory in 1963, post graduate study at the Moscow conservatory in 1967.

In 1964 he spent a year ( Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov, who knew him, says he was only half a year in the Ensemble.) as a soloist of the Alexandrov ensemble, then became soloist of Perm and Samara Opera.

He sang on many Opera houses of the CCCP, as well as in England, Canada, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and Malta.

His roles included: German, Otello, Manrico, Radames, Riccardo, and Pierre Bezukhov

. He taught at the GITIS, the Perm pedagogical college and the Samara state college of culture and arts.

He was Director and the soloist of the Samara academic theatre of an opera and ballet (19932001). He is married, and has a son.

With the Alexandrov Ensemble, he recorded: My Friends duet with N.T. Gres, another duet with N.T. Gres, Song of the March-Past with N.T. Shkaptsov.
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