Valentin Šindler

Picture of Valentin Sindler
Valentin Šindler was born on the 30th of January 1885 in Cholína. He studied religion in Olomouc, and then singing in Kovarovice. Šindler made his debut at the Prague National Opera as Hoffmann in 1909, then sang in Berlin. During 1911-13, he was soloist at the Prague National Opera singing lyrical parts (Ottavio, Duca, Alfredo). During 1913-14, he sang at the Vinograd opera (Prague), and during 1914-17 at the Zagreb Opera. During 1917-32, Šindler was the director and the soloist at the Brno Opera. The singer was also a famous and talented writer. Šindler died on the 21st of January 1957 in Prague.
Valentin Šindler sings Dalibor: Když Zdenek můj
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I wish to thank both Vladimir Efimenko for the picture, recording and notes.

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