Ante Soljanich (Soljanic)

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Ante Soljanich is a tough case - do you know anything about him? If not, I'd doubt that he was East European (Croatian, that is). He is obviously still living in San Josť, California, and 80 years old by now (2008), so must have been born in 1928. But where? He doesn't seem to have had a very long career as a singer; all references to him are from the 1950s, and most are from San Josť and surroundings (such as a prize awarded him by the San Josť Music Study Club in 1957)... But he is listed in US immigration records prior to 1957 (to obtain details, it would be necessary to pay a fee, and I must admit he is not THAT interesting for me); and he has some song recordings in Australia in 1949 and 1950 (his name then still in original Croatian spelling, Soljanic), those are the only non-US references to him. So if he immigrated to the USA between 1950 and 1957, obviously from Australia, and was born in 1928, it would have certainly been an unusual migration history had he migrated from Yugoslavia to Australia first, before 1949, i.e. at less than 21 years old... To sum it up, I wouldn't be surprised had he been born in Australia, where there is a large Croatian expats community.
Robert Schlesinger
Ante Soljanich sings Zasto smo se sreli
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