Alexei Steblyanko

born in 1950 in Stavropol-

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Steblyanko is much more often written Steblianko in Latin letters. The Mariinsky Theatre website, which has also his biography and repertory.
Alexei Steblyanko singsCarmen: C'est toi with Dragana Jugovic del Monaco
In RA Format
A surprise recording by Alexei Steblianko: Dragana Jugovic del Monaco (I've no idea as to her relationship to the del Monaco clan) has been the star of the Belgrade Opera for many years, and actually a quite fine mezzosoprano... except when being heavily drunk... This is from a gala concert broadcast live by Serbian TV. She was hardly able to stand upright, but didn't mysteriously slip off the text. Steblianko does an amazingly unperturbed job, and goes on singing (and even really well) as if nothing were wrong with his partner. The applause (which is not overwhelming, though) may have been meant for Steblianko, who is actually good here. But I don't absolutely understand what the conductor did. And not just the conductor: there must have been a concert manager, a complete TV crew, lots of people who could have intervened, and backstage already. It's simply incredible that they all let her step out on the podium and go on as if nothing happened. They didn't stop the live broadcast; it was seen, and heard, completely on Serbian TV. One of the funniest recordings I ever came across.
Robert Schlesinger
If this would have happened at the Marseille Opéra, when it was still a great house, there would be no more vegetable available for sales the next day.
Alexei Steblyanko singsOtello: Esultate
In RA Format
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I wish to thank Robert for the recording (Carmen).
I wish to thank Georges Cardol for the recording (Otello).

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