Tibor Udvardy

Picture of Tibor Udvardy

Tibor Udvardy - born September 4th, 1914, died July 17th, 1981, in Budapest either. At the Budapest opera from 1939 to 1974. His is a sad career; gifted with a beautiful lyrical voice, he ruined it rapidly by a crazy choice of repertoire. Already in his first years, he would sing Cavaradossi, Luigi, Josť, Lohengrin, Siegmund, Herman in Pique Dame, Peter Grimes. The voice, of course, could not stand it, and soon after WWII, he already had to limit himself to character roles and operetta. He was vocal actor of rare intelligence, how unfortunate that he was obviously not capable of using the same intelligence for choosing his roles. The two recordings I'm including clearly prove the drama of this fine voice; while the lyrical Sadko aria is absolutely brillant, the voice shows truly alarming signs of strain in the Canio excerpt, and though the vocal acting, once again, is excellent, he is barely able to sing his own brillant interpretation.

Tibor Udvardy singsPagliacci: Recitar ... Vesti la giubba

Tibor Udvardy singsSadko: Song of the Indian Guest

I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings, picture and notes.

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