Josef Vojta

Picture of Josef Vojta as Steva
Josef Vojta as Steva

Picture of Josef Vojta

Josef Vojta sings Cert a Kaca: J ubohej ovčček
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Josef Vojta was born on the 12th. of August 1908 in Brno, studied singing there. Vojta made his debut at the German Opera in Brno (1927-1935), then sang at the National Opera in Brno (1935-37). During this period, he sang the basic dramatic repertory: Otello, Walter, Sergej (Katerina Izmailova). From 1937, Vojta - then soloist at the Prague National Opera, where besides the international repertory, sing national music: Dalibor, Jenik, Lacu, and Tichon. The singer retired in 1959, appearing occasionally on the stage of the Prague Opera up to 1972. He died in Prague on the 16th of September 1977.
I wish to thank both Vladimir Efimenko for the pictures, recording and notes.

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