Pyotr Ivanovich Zasetskiy

Pyotr Ivanovich Zasetskiy studied at the Saratov Conservatory. In 1920, Zasetski made his debut at the Opera house in Rostov-on-Don.

He worked at the Stanislavsky Opera studio and Bolshoi until 1924. During 1924-37, Zasetskiy sang at different theaters in Leningrad.

From 1937, he sang at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk. He participated in the creation of Belarusian Operas: Savka Milgun (V pushakh Polyesya by Bogatyrev), and Mikita (Tsvyetok schastya by Turenkov (1866-1958)).

Other roles included: Mishik (Tikhiy Don), Sergei (Lady Macbeth of Minsk), Likov, Don Basilio, Pedrillo, Ivan (The Nose), Vasya (Za krasniy Petrograd by Glakovsky and Prussak), etc
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