Zoltán Závodszky

Picture of Zoltán Závodszky

Zoltán Závodszky singsDie Götterdämmerung: Mime hieß ein mürrischer Zwerg...Brünnhilde! Heilige Braut
in Hungarian
In RA Format

Zoltán Závodszky singsDie Walküre: Winterstürme, in Hungarian
In RA Format

Zoltán Závodszky, born July 18th, 1892 in Bátorkeszi/Hungary, died Oct. 8th, 1976 in Budapest. Pupil of the heldentenor Georg Anthes. At the Budapest Opera House from 1921, as a comprimario for the first years. Then he specialized in Wagner, and sang every Wagnerian tenor part except for Rienzi. His voice lasted long; he still sang Tristan at 69, and Stolzing at 70 - and lieder concerts into his 80s. He was also an important translator of opera libretti and lieder texts into Hungarian. Though the voice at about 65, when his few (radio) recordings were made, is sounding somewhat tired here and there, he was the very last heldentenor in the tradition of Winkelmann, Wallnöfer, or Völker - i.e., in the tradition of singing instead of barking Wagner.

I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings, picture and notes.

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