Paul Asciak

28 January 1923 in Valetta-

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Asciak studied singing in Malta with the Maltese tenor NicolÚ Badacchino. Asciak made his debut as Turiddu at the Radio City Opera House in Hamrun. In 1950, Asciak sang at a concert in Malta with Maria Caniglia. Caniglia offered to help him organizing his further studies in Italy. Asciak went to Rome, where he studied with Paoletti, Ricci and Tomei. During his studies, Asciak sang in various operas including Cavalleria Rusticana, Il Trovatore, Andrea Chenier, Pagliacci, Norma, Carmen and Tosca. Later, Asciak was one of the winner of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale, Spoleto's National Competition (1951) for new voices. Co-winners were Franco Corelli and Anita Cerquetti. As a result, Asciak sang Radames with the Compania del Teatro dell'Opera di Roma at the Teatro Nuovo di Spoleto. Following his success in Italy, Asciak was engaged by Covent Garden as tenor soloist. He debuted there in 1952 in the Rosenkavalier. Asiak toured the UK with the Covent Garden Opera Company, the Welsh National Opera Company, The Dublin Grand Opera Society, The Carla Rosa Opera Company and Touring Opera in 1958. Asciak appeared in programms for the BBC, Welsh TV and I.T.V. In Malta, Asciak appeared in Il Trovatore, Ernani, Pagliacci, and Carmen. During Summer 1960, Asciak sang Otello at the Argotti Gardens in Floriana. In 1961, Asciak retired from public performances and returned to Malta for family reasons. In 1989, when he was in middle sixties, during a visit to Poland, in his capacity as General Manager of the Manoel Theatre in Malta, Asciak was persudaed by the conductor Silvano Frontalini to take over the role of Otello to replace the non-appearing scheduled tenor at the Opera House of Bydgoszcz. Asciak was in stupendous voice, after an absence of 30 years from the stage, as can be heard on the CD listed below.

Paul Asciak sings Turandot: Nessun dorma
In RA Format


Tosca-Tolentino, April 1952
Andrea Chenier-Fermo, Teatro dell'Aquila, 13 June 1952
Cavalleria Rusticana-Roma, Teatro Sistina, June 1952
Norma-Trapani, Teatro all'aperto, August 1952
Der Rosenkavalier (Tenor)-London, Covent Garden, 29 October 1952
Norma (Flavio)-London, Covent Garden, 8 November 1952 with Picchi, Vaghi, Callas, Stignani, Sutherland
Tristan und Isolde (Melot)-London, Covent Garden, 9 January 1953 with Suthaus
Elektra (Young Servant)-London, Covent Garden, 13 May 1953 with Kupper, Coates, SchlŁter, Sutherland
La Traviata (Gastone)-London, Covent Garden, 31 May 1954 with Lipp
Ernani-Malta, Orpheum Theatre, 6 January 1955 with Tagliabue
I Lombardi-London, Sadler's Wells, 16 July 1956
Madama Butterfly-Manchester, Palace Theatre, 29 March 1954
La Fanciulla del West-London, BBC Television, 4 October 1954 with Malbin
The Bohemian Girl-Cork, Opera House, 14 February 1955
Aida-London, Covent Garden, 2 May 1955 with Shuard/Hammond/Cerquetti
Il Trovatore-Cardiff, New Theatre, 9 October 1958 with Glossop
Rigoletto-Cardiff, New Theatre, 8 May 1959 with Shaw
Martha-Waterford, Theatre Royal, 9 November 1959
Carmen-Dublin, Gaiety Theatre, 28 November 1959
Pagliacci-Malta, Open Air Theatre Argotti Gardens, 16 July 1960 with Capuccilli
Otello-Malta, Open Air Theatre Argotti Gardens, 18 July 1960 with Capuccilli

Paul Asciak sings
in ra format

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I wish to thank Paul Asciak to have provided me with this repertory list. This is not necessary arranged in the order Paul Asciak sang a role for the first time. Paul Asciak chose the list as it is shown.

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