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Picture of Louis Bauls' Playbill
Louis Bauls' Playbill

Louis Bauls sings Le postillon de Longjumeau: Freunde, vernehmet die Geschichte
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Louis Bauls sang the Postillon de Longjumeau aria wirh a men chorus. He cranks out the high 'd' natural and took the Schmidt option to the concluding 'C'. This is response the postings by cretins on the Grandi-Tenori website stating that he had no high notes.
Louis Bauls sings La Sonnambula: Son geloso del zeffiro errante
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The intriguing tenor Bauls lulls the unsuspecting soprano Josephine Graziano into a state of luxurious false security, sweetly crooning the filigreed tones of Bellini into her ear, only to revert to a total tenorial animal during the ultimate high 'C', damning her to the fate deserved by all trusting and foolhardy colleagues...
Louis Bauls sings Anna Bolena: Finale 1
In RA Format
The soprano Josephine Graziano tries to shine through the finale. but she is outdone by Louis Bauls' final High D.
Bauls as Basso
I would like to thank Thomas Silverboerg for the recordings.

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